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The Future is SWICK

The Swick underground drill rig, the Gen II is the very pinnacle of underground rig technology: with remarkable performance coupled with deep inset knowledge from engineers, geologist and drillers being key trademarks of the Swick Engineering brand. Driven by innovation, the world’s first smallest single boom carrier and the most powerful drilling systems where it counts. Swick’s Gen II delivers on unparalleled performance and productivity.

Ergonomic Workspace

Extendable canopy, LED lights and control systems make a comfortable workspace around the rig

Compact Design

Smaller footprint for increased versatility, manoeuvrability and mechanical availability

Integrated Components

Self-propelled all-in-one rig eliminates need to move components from site to site

112kW Power

The highest possible power in the smallest possible package

360° Drilling

Capability to drill at any angle, and depths up to 1,500m

About us

World class drilling

Swick Mining Services is one of the top 5 mineral drilling contractors globally, providing high-quality, high-value underground drilling services to a diverse group of mining houses in precious and base metals, and bulk commodities.

Swick Engineering, a division of Swick Mining Services, has a strong reputation for pioneering innovative rig designs that deliver improvements in productivity, safety, versatility, and value. Swick Engineering has been building and perfecting their mobile underground diamond drill rigs for their own operators and now the Swick Gen II mobile rig is available to the open market.



Our strength lies in our people. Unparalleled expertise and experience distinguishes our team, with some of the highest skilled crews in the industry. Swick utilises a world class training facility which ensures our drill crews are well prepared for the field and are equipped with best practice techniques.

With a workforce in excess of 600 employees and with over 20 years in the mineral drilling industry, Swick has a depth of operational know how and experience that is hard to match.

World class drilling Performance at a higher level

At Swick Engineering we pride ourselves on increasing efficiencies and reducing costs for our clients at all levels, allowing them to perform at a higher level.