Swick Gen II

To ensure that you can enjoy the capability of your Swick Gen II, we provide all our Swick customers with unparalleled support:

  1. Aftermarket support – Swick houses an extensive range of parts right here in our warehouse and we supply all our customers with a full list of critical Spares.
  2. Maintenance – with our Swick Trained Technicians at the ready to guide your Team on how to best maintain the rig and ensure maximum performance and efficiency every time.
  3. Training – For extra peace of mind, Swick has a world’s first underground training simulator which can be utilised for driller and maintenance training, Swick can also facilitate.

onsite training at one of our ongoing contracts, delivering security for your new machine.

The Future is SWICK.

The Swick underground drill rig, the Gen II is the very pinnacle of underground rig technology: with all of the performance, deep inset knowledge from both Geologists and Drillers are trademarks of the Swick Engineering brand.  Driven by innovation, the world’s first smallest single boom and the most powerful drilling systems where is counts, Swick’s understanding delivers unparalleled performance and productivity outputs.

Heavy Duty Quality

Boart Longyear HQ head with heavy duty chuck and HQ footclamp fitted as standard

Integrated Components

Self-propelled all-in-one rig eliminates need to move components from site to site

Ergonomic Workspace

Extendable canopy, LED lights and control systems make a comfortable workspace around the rig

Compact Design

Smaller footprint for increased versatility, manoeuvrability and mechanical avaliability

360° Drilling

Capability to drill at any angle, and depths up to 1,500m

Solid Tyres

MK8 Croc tires offer more stability and eliminate downtime from punctures

Self-Leveling Jacks

Self-leveling jacks remove the need to construct frill pads

112kW Power

A 90kW rotation circuit is coupled with an independent 22kW flushing circuit

Why you choose us?


Seeing the underground drilling world with different eyes is what sets us apart. We are Drillers first, Underground Drill Rig designers second. We know what you need.

Drillers Eyes

Challenge the way you are told how Drill Rigs should perform. We understand the world of underground drilling and have designed a product that provides the answers to many of the challenges drillers just accept.

Set Ups

A hole set up can be ready for use within minutes not hours allowing for greater productivity where it counts.

Smaller Footprint

We targeted a smaller rig to provide greater working space in the small confines of the underground mine. Increasing worker safety and reducing risks when moving around the rig, Swick improves morale when working with our rig.

Rig Moves

We understand the importance of moving a rig from project or hole to hole. We are able to move an entire rig within hours and not days. Efficiency and productivity that is linked to the relocation of our rigs is critical.

Power & Maintenance

Our torque at the drill is unmatched and delivered directly to where you need it most. Additionally, we have designed our control panel to be easily accessed to manage the maintenance.

Redefining the Underground

Drill Rig Landscape

By choosing the Swick GenII mobile rig you get over 110kW of drilling power on a highly versatile carrier capable of successfully completing a wide range of hole sizes and depths up to 1,500m in depth.

The Swick GenII mobile drill is the one stop shop for all your grade control, reserve definition and exploration drilling needs.

The Swick GenII is the first in a family of Undergound Drills Rigs. Each rig is developed with one goal: to deliver a better way forward for underground mining companies where the rig delivers performance at a higher level.

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